I leave Público and start a new adventure at www.lainformación.com. This is a new project, completely online, with the guiding of Mario Tascón and Vanessa Jiménez and that will be released in some weeks.

With Público I leave the print newspapers, very good friends, colleagues and great moments, although I think they won't miss me much, because they are some of the bests nowadays (and this is not just words, just take a glace and you will recognize them by their jobs).
Teh change doesn't come because I wanted to leave Público, but because I think is the perfect moment to keep learning and start a very tempting project.

So, from this moment you can have www.lainformacion.com saved on your bookmarks.

(Sorry, but mosts of the previous links are in spanish...)

More information
- Hoja de ruta (Spanish)
- Diximedia Digital (English)

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Steve Cavendish said...


Congrats on the new gig. Hate to see good people out of newspapers, but best of luck.

Maybe this means more time for the blog, yes? :D